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Coffret IDC-POWER Julius-K9 + 1 paire de logos au nom du chien GRATUITE !
  • Coffret IDC-POWER Julius-K9 LUMINO + 1 paire de logos au nom de votre chien GRATUITE
  • Harnais IDC-POWER Julius-K9 - LUMINO Jaune Fluo
  • Harnais IDC-POWER Julius-K9 - LUMINO Orange Fluo
  • Balle LUMINO jaune fluo ou orange fluo - Diamètre 60 mm
  • Balle d'éducation LUMINO jaune fluo - 3 tailles au choix
  • Balle d'éducation LUMINO orange fluo - 3 tailles au choix
  • Laisse LUMINO  Jaune
  • Laisse LUMINO Rouge
  • Laisse LUMINO Rose
  • Laisse LUMINO Noir
  • Laisse LUMINO Bleu
  • Laisse de sport Color & Gray Orange Fluo
  • Harnais IDC-POWER Julius-K9 - LUMINO Orange Fluo
  • Harnais IDC-POWER Julius-K9 - LUMINO Orange Fluo
  • Harnais IDC-POWER Julius-K9 - LUMINO Orange Fluo


IDC-POWER Julius-K9 + 1 pair of logos in the name of your dog FREE!

Availability: Custom made in 4 to 8 weeks

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The new 2016 Julius-K9 gift idea ideal for Christmas for your favorite pet!  This Julius-K9 dog gift set includes: 1 IDC harness (size and color of choice) + 1 IDC ball from 50 to 70 mm (size and handle of choice) + 1 leash of length 1 m or 1,20 m with handle  (2 widths of choice: 14 mm for dogs of less than 20 kg, 18-20 mm for dogs of more than 20 kg) + A pair of logos with the name of your choice OFFERED

To choose the text to be written on the logos, add the text of your choice in the field provided for this purpose. Please note that only letters and numbers from the European alphabet (any heart, Chinese sign, Japanese, Arabic or any other sign will be automatically deleted from the text) and maximum 15 characters (the more there is text, the more the size of the letters will be reduced). Each black strip is completely united without a Julius-K9 phosphorescent logo and includes a non-reflective white lettering and a velcro scratch on the back. This promotion is limited to one free gift per box. This offer is valid only on a pair of 2 identical logos

As the pair ordered is custom-made, please allow at least 72 hours of shipping time. 

The new IDC®-Belt harness from Julius-K9 offers all the advantages of the classic model with heavy thick straps and sturdy material resistant to extreme conditions, but this new COLOR & GRAY model has been optimized, in particular by improved ergonomics with rounded corners for optimal comfort. The Julius-K9 IDC-BELT harness is suitable for all uses: work and safety harnesses, service dogs, tracking, rescue or just for leisure and walking. Very easy to put on your dog, the IDC-BELT harness slips through the head and not by the legs as standard harnesses. It is very practical with its handle located above the harness which allows to guide the dog easily while being able to pull it quickly if necessary. This IDC-BELT harness is particularly suitable for sports activities such as agility or flyball.  Available in different sizes according to the chest of the dog and different colors. Please notice that the price of the harness varies according to the size. Be sure to measure your dog's chest before ordering.

7 options also available:

  • Reflective side logos adaptable to customize your harness: find here
  • Side satchel 14 cm x 8.5 cm x 4 cm, fixed with velcro on each side of the harness: find here


  • Protection for chest, ideal for training, work, traction, jogging and car ride, fixed with velcro: find here  
  • Y-belt for working or car ride : find here 


  • 3 or 4 litre satchel to be fixed on each side of the harness thanks to the Velcro fasteners (fixing system 3 + 1): find here
  • I-belt for active dogs or car trips: find here 
  • Possibility to include 2 small lamps on the harness

JULIUS-K9, the profesionnal K9 canine renowned-wordwide ! 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tip Pour une visibilité optimale, choisissez les coloris LUMINO jaune fluo ou orange fluo!


Existe en différentes tailles selon le tour de poitrail du chien et différents coloris. Attention le prix du harnais varie en fonction de la taille. Veillez à bien mesurer le tour de poitrail de votre chien avant toute commande.

Guide des tailles par tour de poitrail et poids du chien. Attention à bien mesurer le poitrail, le poids n'est qu'indicatif
 Tour de poitrailPoids du chien
Baby 1 29 - 36 cm 1 - 3 kg
Baby 2 33 - 45 cm 2 - 5 kg
Mini-Mini 40 - 53 cm 4 - 7 kg
Mini 51 - 67 cm 7 - 15 kg
Taille 0 58 - 75 cm 15 - 23 kg
Taille 1 65 - 85 cm 23 - 30 kg
Taille 2 70 - 95 cm 28 - 40 kg
Taille 3 80 - 110 cm 40 - 70 kg
Taille 4 + de 110 cm + de 70 kg