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Croquettes naturelles GRAU Excellence chiens Adulte Agneau et Riz 1,5 kg
  • Croquettes naturelles GRAU Excellence chiens Adulte Agneau et Riz 1,5 kg
  • Croquettes naturelles GRAU Excellence chiens Adulte Agneau et Riz Détail croquette
  • Croquettes naturelles GRAU Excellence chiens Adulte Agneau et Riz Ration journalière conseillée

GRAU Natural Excellence CroquettesDogs Adult Lamb and Rice

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These 100% Natural ORIGINAL Adult made of lamb and rice croquettes are perfectly adapted to the needs of adult dogs of all breeds suffering from skin and coat problems or for dogs with sensitive stomach. This complete diet offers your pet a balanced diet adapted from the 4th month. Crunchy, easy to digest and tasty, these croquettes contain only lamb and rice. They have been especially designed for dogs suffering from food intolerances to beef, poultry meat, fish or cereals. Easy-to-digest lamb meat combined with rice forms the ideal food solution for food intolerances, skin and coat problems, or digestive problems. This unique recipe is part of our grau range for several decades and is a perfect example of grau quality tested! The size (about 1.2 x 1.2 cm) and the consistency of the croquettes are perfectly adapted to the jaw of dogs of all sizes of 4 months and more.

The Grau Excellence croquettes are designed to accompany the dog throughout his life and to adapt optimally to the different phases of his life, his activity, his needs or his preferences of taste. All our croquettes are exclusively manufactured for the brand grau according to our quality criteria. Our long-standing experience, our growing cooperation with renowned producers and our expertise in the optimal application of nutritional and physiological needs have given rise to this new and varied range of croquettes in which you will find the best food for your four-legged friend. We take care of the complete absence of appetizing, coloring, odorous or gestational additives not only during production but also during the selection of the raw materials. This results in the short shelf life of 6 months of our croquettes.

Our advantages at a glance:

✔ Fresh meat from animals selected according to European Union standards is ground and then prepared according to the quality standards of the agri-food industry. The total meat content is about 70% fresh meat originally, which is then processed in dried form.

✔ We use different cereals such as rice, corn and wheat. Without soy protein.

✔ In addition, we use high quality vegetables, such as potatoes, which are always indicated in detail in the composition.

✔ We declare all the raw materials contained in our products. If only one meat and / or cereal is indicated in the composition, no other meat is used in the recipe.

✔ No chemical additives such as color, taste or odor are added to our products. The taste of the food, tasty for the dog, is obtained only by our tasty recipes 100% natural to the components of superior quality!

✔ Contains no preservatives.

✔ Short chains between production, warehouse and customers guarantee a constant freshness of our products.


Energy consumption: 13.7 MJ / kg (3.265 kcal / kg)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tip La recette originale à l'agneau et au riz à efficacité prouvée !
Analytics characteristics Protéine brute 23,0 %, huiles et matières grasses brutes 11,0 %, cellulose brute 3,0 %, cendres brutes 6,5 %, humidité 9,0 %, calcium 1,5 %, phosphore 1,0 %
Composition Farine de riz, viande d’agneau moulue (26 %), flocons de pommes de terre, graisse de volaille, poudre d’œuf, levures, cellulose en poudre, huile de saumon, lécithine, glucosamine, sulfate de chondroïtine, phosphate monocalcique, chlorure de sodium
Type Lamb with Whole Rice
Instructions Ration journalière conseillée (en g selon poids du chien): 35-80g pour 1-3kg, 80-115g pour 3-5kg, 115-190g pour 5-10kg, 190-225g pour 10-15kg, 225-315g pour 15-20kg, 315-370g pour 20-25kg, 370-425g pour 25-30kg, etc (voir tableau en image)