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IDC-POWER harness Julius-K9 for dogs over 14 kg

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Regular Price: €23.95

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The Julius-K9 IDC-POWER harness is a unique harness adapted to all kind of activities, not only for working dogs, security dogs, tracking dogs and duty dogs, but also for leisure and daily walks. The IDC®-Powerharness is very easy to put on your dog, as you just have to pass the harness through the head and it is not necessary to put each leg into the harness like with usual harnesses. Available in 5 sizes for a perfect fit (see size guide below).


To choose the correct size for your Julius-K9 harness, please measure the dog's chest circumference at the front leg’s back, as shown in the video below. Then select the size so it is in the middle of the size's range in the table below. If your dog is young and will grow up, be careful that the chest circumference is at the bottom of the size's range in the table below so you can use the harness much longer. Warning: be careful to measure your dog's chest circumference before purchasing.


This IDC®-Powerharness is made of materials of high quality and is confortable to wear for the dog thanks to its two wide straps at the chest and at the stomach and thanks to its breathable, skin-friendly inner liner on the dog’s back. This harness is very solid as it is cut in a special material made of anti-scratch water-repellent polyester. The chest strap and all edges are reflective to optimise the visibility of your dog in the dark. The Velcro strap on the chest enables a perfect fitting of the harness on the dog’s body to stay stable during any activity. A strong D-ring (steel-ring ø 4 mm for size 0 / Inox®-ring ø 6 mm for sizes 1 to 4) is placed on the top of the harness to attach the leash. This IDC®-Powerharness is available in different colours and different sizes according to the dog’s chest circumference. Warning : the harness’ price vary with the size.


The IDC®-POWER harness is the new version of the traditional K9-Powerharness created by Julius-K9 in 1997. This new harness offers an better comfort for the dog and an improved design without any fold or wrinkle of the material nor of the straps to avoid any imbalance when the dog runs.


All good reasons to chose the Julius-K9 IDC®-POWER harness :

- its innovating and sporty style and its dynamic design

- its perfect ergonomics : thanks to a major development of the IDC®-Powerharness the chest strap forwards the power lines of the leash with almost no breakage

- its perfect fitting on the dog thanks to possible adjustments at several levels

- its breathable, skin friendly inner liner : the OEKO-TEX® material is manufactured by the highest standards of human clothing manufactures

- its high-quality heavy duty buckles which are permanently tested and checked. This careful attention is worth especially in wintertime: these buckles work perfectly and don't break even in frosty weather.

- its removable Velcro labels : the IDC®-Powerharness comes complete with a pairs of  fluorescent JULIUS-K9® series label which glows in the dark thanks its All Time Light® technic. There are also about 1000 different Velcro labels on stock, but you can order also a customized one especially for your dog and personnalize it with your own text !

- its reflective edges and chest strap : one of the important functions of an IDC®-Powerharness is that it works well also as a visibility vest. The grey line of the chest strap and the edges of the harness are made of reflective materials, so the walking dog is visible in the dark even from a bigger distance.

- its side straps designed to resist a very high pressure for a perfect security : the highest quality certified by independent crash test ! The buckle of the product has opened at 300 kg, but the harness itself did not break.

- its larger patch field with velcro (16 x 5 cm) to optimize the visibility of the texts on harnesses from size 1 to 4. Warning: the patch field of the Powerharness Size 0 is only 11 x 3 cm (small size)!

- its solid D-ring made in Germany to attach the leash made of steel (size 0) or made of Inox® (size 1 to 4)

- its handle lock with new snaps for higher security : the new handle fixing option of the IDC®-Powerharness allows 4 different variations. You can fix only the steel ring, only the handle, both of them or none of them. With these you can minimize the dog's chance of being blocked. It's really important especially for hunting dogs, search- and rescue dogs. If the dog is blocked by the bushes at a place that is not visible, the IDC®-Powerharness allows free movement backwards, so the dog can escape.

- its torch holders with rubber for high stability : the torch can not slip out of the holder. It's useful for night walks too if we would to follow our dog. Thanks to the ergonomic design you don't have to worry that your dog can be blocked because of the loops. The torch holder was made of high quality German materials. There are two torch holders on the IDC®-Powerharness, except for the size 0, which has only one torch holder on the left side. It allows to use sidebags simultaneously. It's essential for search and rescue dogs and for every service dogs which are working in the dark.

- this product is the result of a great cooperation between German, Austrian and Swiss material suppliers working together with small companies all over Europe

- Designed with and tested by many famous dog trainers. The quality control of the materials and of the products is made by INOVATEXT®.


 JULIUS-K9® - Inventor of the first harness with interchangeable patches !

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Size chart

To choose the correct size for your Julius-K9 harness, please measure the dog's chest circumference at the front leg’s back, as shown in the video below.

Size guide according to dog’s chest circumference.

Be careful to measure the chest circumference at the front leg’s back, the weight is only for information. Please choose the size so it is in the middle of the size's range.
 Chest circumferenceDog's weight
Size 0 58 - 76 cm 14 - 25 kg
Size 1 63 - 85 cm 23 - 30 kg
Size 2 71 - 96 cm 28 - 40 kg
Size 3 82 - 115 cm 40 - 70 kg
Size 4 96 - 138 cm 70 - 90 kg


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