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Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Rouge
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER pour chiens de 13 à 80 kg
  • Attention: différences entre les tailles
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Dimensions
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Beige
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Bleu
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Bleu ciel
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Camouflage Armée
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Gris
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Jaune
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Mauve
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Noir
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Orange
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Rose
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Rouge
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Vert Kiwi
  • Harnais Julius-K9 POWER - Bordeaux
  • Bleu aquamarine

Julius-K9 POWER harness for dogs from 13 to 80 kg

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Unique in its kind, the K9-POWER harness from Julius-K9 is suitable for all uses: work and safety k9 harnesses, for service dogs, tracking, rescue or simply for leisure and walks. Very easy to put on your dog, the IDC-POWER harness slips through the head and not by the legs as standard harnesses. Available in 5 sizes for a perfect fit (see table). Be sure to measure your dog's chest before ordering. Available in different sizes according to the chest stroke of the dog and different colors. Attention: the price of the harness varies according to the size and the color.

This premium harness is pleasant to wear thanks to its 2 wide belts at the chest and belly and padding at the back. It is robust in scratch-resistant and waterproof polyester outer material, the chest belt and harness edges are reflective, which ensures good visibility. The handle located above the harness makes it easy to guide the dog while having the possibility to pull it quickly if necessary. The velcro fastening ensures perfect dog behavior due to its stability. The belt at the chest is adjustable. D stable buckle in stainless steel on the back of the harness for fixing the leash. Very easy to put on your dog.

To personalize your harness, add the text of your choice in the field provided above. Please note that only letters and numbers from the European alphabet (any heart, Chinese sign, Japanese, Arabic or any other sign will be automatically deleted from the text) and up to 15 characters (plus text includes characters. Plus the size of the letters will be reduced). Customization made to measure, please count at least 72 hours of shipping time if you select this option.

Please note: the K9-POWER harness is no longer manufactured in the yellow color and this color will only be offered for the new IDC-POWER harness model available here.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Tip Le harnais K9-POWER est le premier harnais créé par Julius-K9 en 1997 et est devenu un incontournable pour tous les chiens !


Pour bien choisir la taille de votre Harnais Julius-K9, il vous suffit de mesurer le tour de poitrail de votre chien derrière les pattes avant comme vous pouvez le voir sur la vidéo ci-dessous puis de sélectionner la taille de manière que le tour de poitrail de votre chien soit bien au milieu des dimensions indiquées dans le tableau ci-dessous. 

Guide des tailles par tour de poitrail et poids du chien.


Attention à bien mesurer le poitrail, le poids n'est qu'indicatif. Veuillez sélectionner la taille de manière que le tour de poitrail de votre chien soit bien au milieu des dimensions indiquées.
 Tour de poitrailPoids du chien
Baby 1 29 - 36 cm 1 - 3 kg
Baby 2 33 - 45 cm 2 - 5 kg

Mini-Mini 40 - 53 cm 4 - 7 kg
Mini 51 - 67 cm 7 - 15 kg

Taille 0 58 - 76 cm 13 - 25 kg
Taille 1 65 - 85 cm 23 - 30 kg
Taille 2 70 - 95 cm 28 - 40 kg
Taille 3 80 - 110 cm 40 - 80 kg


Les différences entre un harnais IDC de 2007 et un harnais K9-POWER de 1997 :

Comment ajuster le harnais IDC-POWER :