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  • Nettoyant naturel pour les oreilles GRAU 50 ml pour chiens et chats

Natural cleanser for ears GRAU 50 ml for dogs and cats

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100% natural ear cleaner to clean and heal the ear of dogs and cats gently. This product is part of the Golden Animal Care range - a line of products for the beauty and well-being of your animals carefully selected by the brand grau in Germany. This product is composed exclusively of natural elements, to facilitate the cleaning of the ears of an animal, which is not an easy operation! Rich in arnica, St. John's wort, glycerol and chlorophyll, this formula is complemented by essential oil of peppermint for a gentle and pleasant cleanser to avoid any inconvenience for your dog or your cat. Its bottle with special applicator allows to apply the cleaner gently on the horn of the ear. Then you should massage the ears slightly with the product and then wipe with a soft cloth. Keep away from heat and light in a suitable dry place with closed packaging for up to 5 years.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tip Application : appliquer en douceur sur le pavillon de l’oreille, masser légèrement les oreilles avec le produit puis essuyer avec un tissu doux.
Composition Arnica (Arnica montana), millepertuis (Hypericum perforatum), glycérol, chlorophylle, oléum, menthe poivrée (Mentha piperitae), huile essentielle de menthe poivrée (Oleum Hyssopi), éthanol, eau purifiée (Aqua purificata).