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Complément alimentaire naturel BIOTINE FORTE pour la peau et le pelage - Gamme complète
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Natural food supplement BIOTINE FORTE for skin and coat GRAU

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The food supplement Biotine FORTE de GRAU is a unique blend of herbs and yeast made for years, based on milk.  Effective to make the coat suppleness and firmness whatever the age and the breed of your dog or cat. This recipe has been proven for years for the general strengthening of metabolism. Very easy to digest, it optimizes the effect of amino acids and assimilates the vitamins optimally. 

A firm, dense and shiny coat and smooth, elastic and dandruff-free skin are essential indicators of an animal's vitality and well-being. The role of biotin (vitamin H) is to constitute keratin. Keratin is the main element forming the bristles and claws and is therefore very important for the firmness and elasticity of these structures. The biotin content in meat and cereals is not sufficient and it is therefore advisable to add biotin to the daily food. Not only the daily needs of an animal but also the microbial synthesis of biotin in the intestine are both subject to strong fluctuations, the vitamin H intake can be regulated by a daily supplement in Biotin FORTE. To avoid possible deficiencies during periods when needs are greatly increased, such as growth, moulting and heat, or for older dogs. Yeast is an important component of this product and offers plenty of natural vitamins, including vitamin B complex and vitamin C.


 The food supplement Biotine FORTE acts on several levels:

- for a supple, smooth and firm coat

- for a coat with an intact structure

- for a beautiful and bright coat

- for a healthy renewal of the claws


The result: healthy claws, an optimal shoot of a thick and dense hair and an elastic skin without dandruff from the first weeks of treatment!


Available in 2 substances:

- POWDER: easy to dose to the nearest gram with its measuring spoon provided, you can mix HOKAMIX30 with the daily food by spreading it on slightly moist croquettes or mixing it in a yoghurt or a white cheese. (A measuring spoon of 5 g is included in the package).

- TABLETS: ideal for dry dogs for exact control of daily doses, these 7g tablets are more practical for large dogs (large quantities easier to dose). These tablets contain no animal substance and are composed of only the same herbs included in the powder.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tip Une remise en forme naturelle à la vitamine H pour le pelage et les griffes de votre animal !
Analytics characteristics Protéine brute 14,3%, huiles et matières grasses brutes 1,5%, cellulose brute 0,5%, cendres brutes 8,7%, humidité 4,0%
Composition Lait et produits laitiers, légumes (dont 15% d'herbes), levure, extraits végétaux, algues, minéraux
Instructions 1 comprimé pour petits chiens et chats, 2-3 comprimés pour moyens et grands chiens. Poudre: chiens de 1 à 15 kg: 1 à 15 g par jour, chiens de 15 à 40 kg: 15 g par jour, chiens + de 40 kg: 20 à 25 g par jour.