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  • Carotène naturelle GRAU pour pigmentation brune, rouge, fauve ou rousse pour chiens et chats Détail texture

Natural carotene GRAU for brown pigmentation for cats and dogs

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This food supplement is a 100% natural product based on carotene for a pigmentation red, fawn, brown or red for dogs and cats. This natural product is designed exclusively from freshly and washed carrots, then completely dried carefully and granulated, in order to retain their high content of Provitamin A (Carotene Beta).


This carotene Beta intensifies the pigmentation of fawn, red and brown coats and is therefore the ideal solution for all breeds, whose coat contains reflections in the red tones: Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Hungarian Braque, Dachshund, Dogue de Bordeaux, Setter Irish, Norwich Terrier, Welsch Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Irish Terrier, Rhodesian Dog, German Shepherd.

The pellet should be softened with lukewarm water and mixed with your pet's food once a day. The intensification of the color becomes visible from about 2 weeks.


Available in 3 sizes in reclosable pots for long-term storage.

The color of the coat and the accentuated pigmentation of the truffle, chops and eyelids are important characteristics specific to each breed. Different dietary supplements can help improve pigmentation and shape the color intensity of the skin and coat. It is important, however:

- the areas to be pigmented are genetically pigmented

- to select effective food supplements such as Carotene from GRAU

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tip Pour obtenir un résultat satisfaisant, mélanger les granulés (préalablement ramollis dans de l'eau tiède) chaque jour à la nourriture et les donner immédiatement au chien.
Analytics characteristics Protéine brute 8,8%, teneur en matières grasses 1,8%
Composition 100% de carottes fraîches séchées et moulues
Instructions Chats: 1 pincée par jour, Chiots: 1 cuillère à café par jour, Chiens adultes: 1 cuillère à soupe par jour
Substance Poudre