JK9®Speed Julius-K9 Canicross Y Harness

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The JK9®Speed dog harness is the Julius-K9® sports harness. It's the ideal companion for all sports enthusiasts looking for a canicross harness to enjoy sporting activities with their dog: developed for extreme sports such as obstacle courses, it's perfectly suited to running with a dog, jogging, canicross and cani-VTT.  If you love nature and going on adventures with your dog, the Julius JK9®Speed harness has been created for you. 

The JK9®Speed Y-harness offers maximum comfort thanks to the seamless design of the chest strap. Thanks to its compact design, this dog harness is ideal for exercising together in complete comfort for the dog: there are no creases at the back and it won't turn sideways, whether your dog is running in front of you or beside you. The harness straps, made in Germany and OEKO-TEX® certified, are adjustable in five places (on both sides of the neck and chest, and between the front legs), so you can fit the harness perfectly to your dog. This makes it an ideal harness for growing dogs. Its front strap has an anti-pull effect that distributes the pulling pressure of the lead during running and prevents the dog or puppy from slipping out of the harness. Its unique design maximises your dog's freedom of movement when running or playing sport.

The sturdy, hard-wearing handle means you can help your dog even on the toughest terrain! With the JK9®Speed dog harness, nothing can stop you: thanks to this harness with its strong handle on the back of the harness, not only can your pet pull you up steep inclines, but you can also help him by lifting him up if he finds himself in a tricky situation (in mud or water). The leash's ultra-strong attachment ring has been specially designed to withstand any stress. The materials and design of the harness padding have been inspired by sports car seats. Its inner surface is lined with neoprene, which does not absorb moisture and is easy to clean. It's a dog harness that's comfortable to wear in all seasons and in all circumstances. Running at night? Don't worry, you and your dog will feel safe thanks to the reflective seams, making you visible even in the dark.

What's more, like all Julius-K9® dog harnesses, the JK9®Speed harness comes with an interchangeable logo that you can personalise any way you like. Choose a different message for every adventure! To personalise your harness, add the text of your choice in the "Option: personalise harness (72H lead time)" field provided for this purpose.

Please note: please only enter letters and numbers from the European alphabet (any hearts, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or other signs will be automatically removed from the text) and a maximum of 15 characters (the more characters in the text, the smaller the letters will be). The text will be reproduced identically, taking into account the upper and lower case letters as you enter them in the text field.

Each black band bears the words - Licensed by JULIUS-K9® - phosphorescent and your text in non-reflective, non-phosphorescent white letters and a Velcro fastening on the back. As personalisation is made to measure, please allow at least 72 hours for delivery if you select this option. The logo is neither exchangeable nor refundable.

The advantages of this product
  • Y-shaped harness designed by Julius-K9® ideal for all sporting adventures: running harness, sports harness, canicross harness, it's suitable for all intense sports!

  • Padded neoprene harness to ensure a comfortable harness that does not hinder the animal when running

  • Ultra-strong handle on the back for lifting the dog and climbing steep slopes, ideal for creating an anti-pull movement to bring the dog closer to you

OEKO-TEX®, des matériaux sains en lesquels vous pouvez avoir confiance
Le meilleur harnais pour chiens pour le sport : un design compact, unique et innovant qui ne crée aucun pli même quand le chien court !
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Julius-K9 : the European leader in dog harnesses
Additional Information
Adjust the dog harness as shown in the video. Easy to put on and take off simply by opening/closing the buckles.
Label size11 x 3 cm
Size guide
Be sure to measure your dog's chest size before ordering a dog harness. 
To choose the right size for your Julius-K9 harness, simply measure your dog's chest behind the front legs, as you can see in video located in "Videos" tab.
Then select the size so that your dog's chest circumference is in the middle of the dimensions shown in the table below. If it's a young dog that's going to grow, please select the size so that your dog's chest circumference is well within the lower range to give you room to use the dog harness for longer.
Sizing guide
Be careful to measure your dog's chest, the weight is only an indication. Please select the size so that your dog's chest circumference is in the middle of the dimensions shown.
  Chest circumference Neckline Weight of dog
SMALL 46 - 65 cm 28 - 38 cm 7 - 14 kg
MEDIUM 53 - 75 cm 38 - 50 cm 13 - 24 kg
LARGE 70 - 85  cm 42 - 55 cm 24 - 38 kg
XLARGE 77 - 99 cm 50 - 63 cm 38 - 56 kg
Please note that the price of the Julius K9 harness varies according to size.
Caution: an incorrect adjustment or an ill-fitting size can lead to breathing difficulties or can allow the dog to slip out of the harness! If the dog pulls very hard and the Y-harness is too short, depending on the morphology and breed of some dogs, the harness may slip down the neck and trachea. Make sure that the harness never interferes with the dog's breathing. For dogs with a tendency to pull hard, we recommend using a pulling harness, tracking harness or mantrailing harness with a more elongated shape.