All-weather waterproof coat Hurtta Monsoon for dogs

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Designed by Finnish brand Hurtta to protect dogs from elements, MONSOON Coat is a strong, durable garment that protects against rain, wind, mud and cold.

MONSOON model is a new version of the famous TORRENT coat, the brand's must-have garment, with a number of innovative improvements.

MONSOON Coat is suitable for all dogs, especially active dogs, and provides effective protection whatever type of activity.

This unique combination of waterproof Houndtex® material (10,000 mm resistance), a high collar with an innovative new technical structure and sealed waterproof seams prevents water from seeping in.

Very comfortable, it's light to wear and ideal for all seasons.

Adjustable to 3 levels, this coat adapts easily to each dog's morphology and protects the belly from mud, sand and dirt without getting in the way when the dog is running. It also offers optimised visibility thanks to its wide edges and high-quality 3M reflective patterns to make the dog visible at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Les + :

- Optimised waterproofing thanks to vertical, sealed seams
- High, rainproof collar prevents water from sliding down the neck
- Adjustable neckline to protect chest and neck 
- Wide belly strap to keep garment in place 
- Lightweight and comfortable to wear
- Easy to put on and take off thanks to its soft, elastic material
- Reflective strips and motifs from the famous 3M brand
- Re-closable back opening for wearing over a harness
- Lightweight, breathable mesh lining
- Machine washable
- Available in 4 fashionable colours: granite black, blueberry, orange and red

The advantages of this product
  • Cold protection from 0 to +20°c

  • Houndtex® waterproof and breathable

  • Very comfortable, it is adjustable to 3 levels to adapt to the morphology of each dog.

The top-of-the-range mackintosh created by the special outdoor brand Hurtta!
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Hurtta : innovative saddlery and clothing for active dogs
Additional Information
Machine wash at 40°C max.
100% PES outer fabric and lining
Size guide
To choose the right size for your garment, simply measure the dimensions as shown in our video and in the last image above: chest circumference behind the front legs and length of the back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
Then select the size so that your dog's chest circumference is in the middle of the dimensions shown in the table below and the length of the back of the garment is slightly less than the length of the dog's back.
Neckline (i.e. the circumference of the neck at its widest point) is given as a guide to ensure that dog's head fits inside the garment.
Size guide
Please note that the size numbers are only a guide, so make sure you measure your dog correctly.
  A = Longueur de dos B = Tour de cou C = Tour de poitrail
Size 0 /20cm 16-22 cm 20-25 cm 25-35 cm
Size 1 /25cm 22-27 cm 20-30 cm 30-40 cm
Size 2 /30cm 27-32 cm 25-40 cm 40-55 cm
Size 3 /35cm 32-37 cm 25-45 cm 40-60 cm
Size 4 /40cm 37-42 cm 30-50 cm 45-65 cm
Size 5 /45cm 42-47 cm 30-50 cm 50-70 cm
Size 6 /50cm 47-52 cm 35-55 cm 55-75 cm
Size 7 /55cm 52-57 cm 40-55 cm 60-80 cm
Size 8 /60cm 57-62 cm 40-60 cm 65-85 cm
Size 9 /65cm 62-67 cm 45-65 cm 70-95 cm
Size 10/70cm 67-75 cm 50-70 cm 70-100 cm
Size 11/80cm 74-85 cm 50-75 cm 80-105 cm
Size 12/90cm 84-95 cm 55-80 cm 85-110 cm