Warm winter coat Hurtta Extreme Warmer for dogs

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Extreme Warmer winter coat for dogs keeps all dogs warm even in the most extreme conditions. The design of this dog garment by Finnish outdoor dog brand Hurtta is unique, and the materials used are breathable and water-repellent. The dog coat has a thin layer on the inside to reflect the dog's body heat, making it particularly warm even in the coldest temperatures. The coat is specially designed to keep the most important muscles warm. The outer material of the coat is soft to the touch and comfortable. It's waterproof to protect your dog from the occasional snow or rain while out and about. The high collar protects not only the neck but also the dog's ears, better than a conventional hood.

product benefit:

- garment is fitted with high-quality 3M reflective strips to maximise the dog's visibility and keep him safe in the dark.

- back of the coat is adjustable in length.

- coat also has 2 handy leash slots: one at the neck for attaching a collar and one at the back for attaching a harness.

The advantages of this product
  • The warmest dog coat for winter

  • Body heat reflective film ideal for extreme cold conditions

  • Ideal for warming up muscles after exercise

Warm, breathable, waterproof and reflective, this coat is ideal for winter!
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Hurtta : innovative saddlery and clothing for active dogs
Additional Information
- material, seams and straps made from 100% recycled materials
- padding is made from 50% recycled polyester
Size guide
To choose the right size for your garment, simply measure the dimensions as shown in our video and in the last image above: the chest circumference behind the front legs and the length of the back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Then select the size so that your dog's chest circumference is in the middle of the dimensions shown in the table below and the length of the back of the garment is slightly less than the length of the dog's back. The neckline (i.e. the circumference of the neck at its widest point) is given as a guide to ensure that the dog's head fits inside the garment.
Size Guide
Please note that the size numbers are only a guide, so make sure you measure your dog correctly.
  A = Back length B = Neck size  C = Chest size 
Size 1 25 cm 31 cm 30-50 cm
Size 2 30 cm 39 cm 36-52 cm
Size 3 35 cm 52 cm 43-67 cm
Size 4 40 cm 54 cm 45-72 cm
Size 5 45 cm 60 cm 50-82 cm
Size 6 50 cm 65 cm 54-85 cm
Size 7 55 cm 73 cm 56-91 cm
Size 8 60 cm 76 cm 58-93 cm
Size 9 65 cm 75 cm 58-106 cm