Hurtta Mudventure ECO rain suit for dogs

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The Mudventure ECO dog suit is a waterproof jacket that protects dogs from rain, moisture and dirt during their adventures. The design and every little detail of this dog garment are the result of the experience and expertise of Hurtta, the pioneering Finnish outdoor brand for dog coats. This new model combines all the expectations of active dogs and is a real innovation on the market: the Mudventure Overall ECO offers the best rain and mud protection for your dog, whatever the weather, by covering his whole body without hindering his movements. No need to dry your dog after every walk: water, mud and sand stay outside and don't dirty your home!

Need an umbrella? Your dog needs a Mudventure suit: made from ultra-light waterproof material that's extremely strong and durable, it's reinforced with waterproof sealed seams to ensure maximum waterproofness of the dog's clothing. To increase waterproofing even further, each zip is lined with a wide windproof strip bonded to the zip and seams to make them even more waterproof. The opening at the back allows the lead to be attached to a harness under the suit, but is closable to prevent water from seeping into the garment. With the Mudventure ECO dog suit, you're contributing to the well-being of the planet. It's part of the Green Edition range and made from 100% recycled materials. All the materials used are healthy and free from harmful substances, certified to ÖKO-TEX Standard 100.

Its unique half-zip design makes it easy to put on and take off. Very easy to adjust, the garment is incredibly adjustable thanks to elasticated drawstrings at the back, waist, legs, chest and neck. This means the garment fits your dog perfectly and doesn't get in the way of your dog's activities. The rainproof collar prevents water from seeping down the dog's neck. There are reinforcements in the legs for dogs that need a more precise fit. The surface is treated with Bionic-Finish® ECO, a fluorocarbon-free waterproofing agent that makes the garment even more waterproof. Dogs love to wear it, either on its own, on a harness or over a warm garment or jumper - like the Midlayer mid-jacket. Ideal all year round, this dog garment is easy to put on before walks, and protects the dog completely so he stays dry and warm on his walks. The suit also has large, high-quality 3M reflective patterns on both sides, to make the dog visible when out at dawn or dusk.

The advantages of this product
  • Completely sealed seams, high-quality materials waterproofed with Bionic-Finish® ECO

  • Highly adjustable, with 8 levels of adjustment to suit the dog's morphology

  • All-in-one garment that protects against rain, wind, mud and dirt

OEKO-TEX®, des matériaux sains en lesquels vous pouvez avoir confiance
Ideal for slipping over when it rains, it keeps your dog warm and dry all year round!
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Hurtta : innovative saddlery and clothing for active dogs
Additional Information
ActivitiesWalkingRunningHikingBikingCanicrossWater sports
Put on the flaps and close the zips. Make sure you adjust the garment to all 8 levels before setting off on your first outing. Hand wash with similar colours, without fabric softener. Do not bleach, air dry. Do not iron or dry clean.
Material made from 100% recycled PES 100D with mechanical stretch, waterproofed with Bionic-Finish® ECO (fluorocarbon-free). Healthy materials, free from harmful substances, certified to ÖKO-TEX Standard 100. 3M reflective patterns.
Size guide
To choose the right size for your garment, simply measure the dimensions as shown in our video and in the last image above: the chest circumference behind the front legs and the back length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Then select the size so that your dog's chest circumference is in the middle of the dimensions shown in the table below and the length of the back of the garment is slightly less than the length of the dog's back. The neckline (i.e. the circumference of the neck at its widest point) and leg length are given as a guide to ensure that the dog's head and legs fit inside the garment.
Size guide
Please note that the size numbers are only a guide, so make sure you measure your dog correctly.

  A = Back length
B = Neck Size C =  Chest size D = Front leg length E = Back leg length
Size 0 40M 37-42 cm 30-50 cm 50-65 cm 13-20 cm 17-28 cm
Size 1 45M 42-47 cm 35-55 cm 55-70 cm 15-23 cm 20-30 cm
Size 2 50M 47-52 cm 35-55 cm 60-75 cm 17-28 cm 23-34 cm
Size 3 55M 52-57 cm 40-60 cm 60-80 cm 18-29 cm 24-35 cm
Size 4 60M 57-62 cm 45-60 cm 65-85 cm 19-30 cm 25-36 cm