Pure natural devil's claw powder grey for Dogs mobility

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Arthritis is an age-related degenerative and inflammatory phenomenon that affects the cartilage of the joints. Pure devil's claw powder from the German brand grau is an ideal natural food supplement for problems with the locomotor system. Finely ground devil's claw powder contains many natural nutrients that have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. It slows down common joint inflammations and also acts to stimulate digestion and the flow of bile. This food supplement is particularly recommended for use with a BARF diet, but can be used to supplement any other type of food. This grau food supplement consists of 100% pure devil's claw, obtained from finely ground devil's claw root.

The advantages of this product
  • Devil's claw is used for the pain of arthritis in your pet

  • It relieves joint pain and slows down common inflammations

  • It helps to improve your dog's mobility and promotes decongestion of the tissues

Grau : food supplements and natural food for dogs and cats
Additional Information
Ground devil's claw root (100% Harpagophytum radix)
The powder may harden in the package, but the consistency does not affect its properties. Shake well before opening and scrape the surface with a spoon or knife to extract the daily amount. Store at room temperature in a dry place away from moisture. A 0.5 g measuring spoon is included in the package.
Recommended quantities
Recommended daily amount: Dogs <4kg: 1g, Dogs 5-10kg: 2-3g, Dogs 10-20kg: 4-5g, Dogs 20-40kg: 7-8g, Dogs >40kg: 9-10g. A 0.5 g measuring spoon is included in the package.
Analytical characteristics
Raw Protein 3,9 %, Fat content 12,9 %, raw ashes 6,9 %, raw fiber 6,1 %.