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Poudre de moule verte pure naturelle GRAU - Format 150 g
  • Poudre de moule verte pure naturelle GRAU - Format 150 g
  • Poudre de moule verte pure naturelle GRAU - Format 150 g
  • Poudre de moule verte pure naturelle GRAU - Format 500 g

Natural pure mussel powder GRAU

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This food supplement designed by the German grau brand is composed of 100% natural pure green mussel powder (Perna canaliculus). New Zealand green mussel has a high natural content of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and is particularly suitable for regenerating cartilage, reactivating joint fluid production (synovia) in order to constantly optimize mobility.


This food supplement:

- Optimizes joints

- Support for cartilage regeneration

- Improves mobility

It is nature which puts at our disposal the best active substances, which is why the GAGs from the Green Mussel of New Zealand (Perna canaliculus) represent an optimal and very effective solution for the problems of joints. This powder is obtained exclusively from pure green mold (without shell) which is dried according to a special drying process in a freezer in order to retain all its properties. Mussels are grown in New Zealand waters at natural breeding centers selected for their heavily regulated conditions.

Our advantages at a glance:

✔ We declare all the materials contained in our products. If only one meat and / or cereal is indicated in the composition, no other is used in the recipe.

✔ No chemical additives such as color, taste or odor are added to our products. The taste of the food, tasty for the dog, is obtained only by our tasty recipes 100% natural to the components of high quality!

✔ No preservatives.

✔ Short chains between production, warehouse and customers guarantee a constant freshness of our products.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Tip Notre poudre est obtenue grâce à une technique de séchage à froid dont la dernière étape permet un dégraissage complet, afin d'éliminer la plupart des huiles et matières grasses: sa teneur en matières grasses est ainsi de seulement 4% !
Analytics characteristics Protéine brute 52,8%, teneur en matières grasses 4%, cendres brutes 13,8%, humidité <5%
Composition Poudre de moule (100% Perna canaliculus)
Instructions Quantité conseillée: 2g/jour pour chats et chiens <5 kg, 3g/jour pour chats et chiens 5-10 kg, 5g/jour pour chiens 10-30 kg, 7g/jour pour chiens >30 kg (1 cuillère à café =env. 5 g de poudre)
Substance Poudre