Natural dog food Grau Pure meat and linseed oil

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This 100% natural dog food has a meat content of at least 70%, making it an ideal dog food for the home ration or to complement a BARF menu. It is composed only of meat (no starches, no vegetables, no cereals) and must therefore be supplemented with flakes, vegetables and food supplements in order to compose a balanced ration adapted to your dog's needs. It can also replace fresh meat in a BARF meal. This grain-free food is made exclusively from muscle meat and offal (such as heart, liver, stomach, rumen). Grau's can dog food is composed of meat that is as similar as possible in consistency and taste to the meat that a mammal such as a dog would have access to in the wild. This dog food is mainly composed of high quality raw materials and fresh meat, which are processed according to the requirements of the food industry. The high meat content of this dog food makes it particularly easy to digest and very tasty for your pet.

The advantages of this product
  • 100% natural dog food, tasty, rich in meat and essential minerals

  • Very rich in fresh meat, ideal for home ration and BARF

  • Made in Germany using a high quality manufacturing process

High quality meat, a real alternative to fresh meat to supplement your dog's meals!
Additional Information
Meat 70% (exclusively hearts, flesh, liver, lungs, stomachs, necks and fat), Broth 28,8%, Minerals 1%, Linseed oil 0,2%. Our meat does not contain skin, feathers or animal by-products.
Recommended quantities
Dogs from 2 to 8 kg: 130 to 380 g per day, Dogs from 9 to 24 kg: 430 - 900 g per day, Dogs from 25 to 45 kg: 950 to 1480 g per day
You can mix up to 24 cans of your choice, in 200g or 400g and with flavors currently available: Pure Lamb, Pure Beef and Pure Chicken:
Composition of the Pure Meat food for dogs
Pure Lamb
Pure Beef
Pure Chicken
Meat Lamb 70% (only hearts, meat, liver, lungs and bellies) Beef 70% (only hearts, meat, liver, lungs and bellies) Chicken 70% (only hearts, meat, liver, stomachs, necks and fat)
Broth 28,8% 28,8% 28,8%
Minerals 1% 1% 1%
Linseed oil 0,2% 0,2 0,2%
Analytical characteristics
Analytical characteristics of Grau Pure Meat dog food
Pure Lamb
Pure Beef  
Pure Chicken
Raw protein 10,4% 10,8% 10,4%
Fat content 8,5% 9,0% 5,0%
Raw fiber 0,4% 0,4% 0,5%
Raw ash 3,0% 2,4% 2,6%
Moisture 74% 75% 80%
Calcium 0,33% 0,20% 0,22%
Phosphorus 0,28% 0,16% 0,20%