Natural dog food Grau Meat and Vegetables

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This 100% natural dog food has a minimum meat content of 63% and a minimum vegetable content of 4%, making it a tasty and appetising natural complete meal for all dogs. These delicious and tasty well balanced contain only the highest quality ingredients and ensure a balanced diet for your dog. This grain-free food is made exclusively from muscle meat and offal (such as heart, liver, stomach, rumen) and vegetables or carbohydrates, depending on the type. Grau's canned dog food is made from meat that is as similar as possible in consistency and taste to the meat that a mammal such as a dog would have access to in the wild. This dog food consists mainly of high-quality raw materials and fresh meat that has been processed and shaped according to the requirements of the food industry. The high meat content of this dog food makes it particularly easy to digest and very tasty for your pet.

You can mix 24 tins of your choice, in 200g or 400g format, from the flavours currently available:

- Turkey & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food: Highly digestible and low in fat, this can dog food is grain free, gluten free and easy to digest. Ideal for all adult dogs, especially sensitive dogs, it contains over 65% meat. This natural dog food contains wholemeal rice, providing the high quality carbohydrates and fibre essential for a balanced and healthy diet, while satisfying hunger over a long period. The dog is therefore well balanced and receives the minerals and vitamins it needs on a daily basis. Cereal-free, gluten-free, soya-free and sugar-free, this is a natural, monoprotein and hypoallergenic Premium dog food suitable for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.

- Game, courgette and millet dog food: this natural cat food is grain-free and provides a perfectly balanced diet to avoid deficiencies during growth. Highly digestible and low in fat, this can dog food is grain free, gluten free and easy to digest. 
Game meat is an original source of protein that is particularly suitable for animals with food intolerances. This natural dog food has a delicious taste and offers a variety of flavours for your dog's enjoyment. Game is also rich in B vitamins and trace elements such as iron and zinc. Courgette and millet add minerals and vitamins to the menu. Courgette is a very healthy vegetable thanks to its high content of vitamins (A, C and B1) and minerals and trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and iron. It is a popular vegetable in dog food, as it has little taste and is particularly well accepted by most dogs. Millet contains many minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, potassium and iron. It is an ideal grain for dogs with a gluten allergy.

- Poultry, parsnip and broccoli: natural, grain-free and rich in meat and vegetables, this natural food combines easily digestible poultry meat rich in vitamins with healthy vegetables such as parsnips and broccoli. Parsnips are rich in fibre, which helps to keep your dog's intestinal flora healthy. In addition, this vegetable provides your pet with important carbohydrates and vitamins every day, making it an excellent alternative to cereals. Parsnips are also rich in vitamins and potassium. Broccoli contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, while remaining very low in calories and fat. Parsnips are rich in fibre, which helps to maintain your dog's intestinal health. In addition, they provide your dog with important carbohydrates, making them an excellent alternative to cereals. In addition, they contain many vitamins and are rich in potassium.

The advantages of this product
  • 100% natural dog food, tasty, rich in meat and essential minerals

  • Tasty and well balanced for a healthy daily diet

  • Made in Germany using a high quality manufacturing process

A premium quality can dog food for your dog to enjoy every day!
Additional Information
Meat 63 to 66% (exclusively hearts, flesh, liver, lungs, stomachs, necks and fat), Vegetables 4%, Broth 29%, Minerals 1%. Our meat contains no skin, feathers or animal by-products.
Recommended quantities
Dogs from 2 to 8 kg: 130 to 380 g per day, Dogs from 9 to 24 kg: 430 - 900 g per day, Dogs from 25 to 45 kg: 950 to 1480 g per day
You can mix up to 24 cans of your choice, in 200g or 400g cans among the flavors currently available:
Composition of the Pure Meat food for dogs
Turkey and rice
Wildfowl, courgette et millet
Poultry, parsnips and broccoli
Meat Turkey 66% (exclusively hearts, meat, stomachs, liver, necks) Wilsfowl 63% (exclusively hearts, meat, liver, lungs and bellies) Poultry 66% (exclusively hearts, meat, liver, stomachs, necks and fat)
Broth 29% 29% 29%
Minerals 1% 1% 1%
Vegetebals brown rice 4% Courgette 4%, Millet 3% Parsnips2%, Broccoli 2%
Analytical characteristics
Analytical characteristics of Grau Pure Meat dog food
Turkey and brown rice
Wildfowl, courgette et millet
Poultry, parsnips and broccoli
Raw Protein 10,8% 10,0% 10,3%
Fat content 5,5% 5,5% 5,1%
Raw Fiber 0,5% 0,5% 0,4%
Raw ashes 2,4% 2,8% 2,5%
Moisture 79% 75% 80%
Calcium 0,24% 0,26% 0,22%
Phosphorus 0,22% 0,24% 0,20%