Natural food supplement for dogs' mobility Grau HOKAMIX30 MOBILITY

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Arthrosis a degenerative and inflammatory phenomenon linked to age that affects the cartilage of the joint

The natural food supplement for dogs HOKAMIX30 MOBILITY is an effective natural solution for dogs suffering from articulations and mobility problems. In order to act in a targeted way in case of articulations' problems, the homeopathic herbal mixture HOKAMIX30 has been enriched with active substances specific to articualtions: glycosaminoglycans (GAG), mucopolysaccharides (MPS) and chondroitin sulphate, as well as with raiponce, a plant often used therapeutically for its antiseptic action. This product became for many animals THE right solution for musculoskeletal pain and the first symptoms of stiffening of the articulations. HOKAMIX30 MOBILITY treats articulations problems therapeutically, and a decisive preventive product (prophylaxis). The increasing variety of canine activities and sports challenges us to continuously adapt the nutritional intake according to the needs of our dog at every moment of its life. This food supplement is the ideal solution to considerably improve the dog's motor system and act effectively on the joints and skeleton in a natural way.

1/HOKAMIX30 is a mix of 100% natural herbs that gives remarkable results, especially in cases of musculoskeletal problems (pain when getting up, growth, tendons and ligaments loose..) and skin or coat problems (itching, dandruff formation, eczema, allergies..).This recipe is unique and patented, only the most important herbs are indicated in the composition to avoid any copy of our formula

2/Glycosaminoglycans, commonly known as GAGs, are very effective active substances from the New Zealand Green Mussel (Perna canaliculus). GAGs are nutrients that help rebuild and regenerate cartilage mass. They also act on the entire locomotor system:

- Slowing down: GAGs slow down enzymes located in the articulations causing arthrosis and thus slow down the progression of arthrosis.

- Substitute: GAGs are already part of the composition of healthy cartilage. They are stored in articualtion and replace aging GAGs.

- Stimulation: cartilage cells (chondrocytes) are stimulated and regenerate the articulation tissue.

HOKAMIX30 MOBILITY contains 4% glycosaminoglycans. 100 g of pure mussel extract contains 2 to 6 g of GAG (depending on quality). 100g of HOKAMIX30 MOBILITY contains not only 4g of GAGs, but also 30 other nutrients that support mobility and well-being - more GAGs than any other product containing 100% mussel extract!

3/Mucopolysaccharides or MPS are natural components of articular cartilage. They have an excellent water absorption capacity and contribute to the elasticity and resistance of cartilage tissue.

4/Chondroitin sulfate is a natural component of cartilage, connective tissue and articulation fluid (synovium). This substance has a maintenance function and helps regeneration of damaged articulations and adjacent tissues.

5/Turmeric (turmeric) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and effectively relieves pain.

HOKAMIX30 MOBILITY focuses its action on 2 aspects:

- Prevention: aids for cartilage's formation during growth (especially in large breed dogs), stabilizes the skeletal system, forms a supportive corset to support growing bones and articualtions, and helps develop healthy articualtions.

- Relief: helps to form articular fluid around articulations , makes the articulations more mobile, stabilizes the musculoskeletal system, provides body with essential nutrients specific to the articulations and strengthens the articulations capsules.


Available in a choice of 2 substances and different formats, all in resealable boxes for a better long term conservation.

- POWDER: easy to dose to the near gram, thanks to its measuring spoon provided, you can mix HOKAMIX30 MOBILITY to the daily food by spreading it on the slightly wet kibbles or by mixing it in yogurt or cottage cheese.

- TABLETS: ideal for dry feeding for an exact control of the daily doses, these tablets with a diameter of 12 mm are more practical for big dogs (big quantities easier to dose). These tablets are very well accepted by dogs and do not contain any substance of animal origin as in the powder. It is recommended to mix them with food or simply to give them as a reward like a treat.


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Additional Information
Mixture of 30 natural herbs (alfalfa, anise, nettle, alchemilla, solidago, St. John's wort, bulrush, burdock root, lungwort, rosemary, horsetail, yarrow, pansy), vegetables, shellfish (mussel powder extract), glucosamine, sulfate
Mixed in the food: 1 g of powder per kg or 1 tablet per 5 kg of the dog's weight (for puppies after weaning). Dogs from 15 to 40 kg: 15 g of powder/10 tablets per day, Dogs over 40 kg: 20-25 g of powder/15-20 tablets per day
Recommended quantities
Mixed in the food: 1 g of powder per kg or 1 tablet per 5 kg of the dog's weight (for puppies after weaning). Dogs from 15 to 40 kg: 15 g of powder/10 tablets per day, Dogs over 40 kg: 20-25 g of powder/15-20 tablets per day
Analytical characteristics
Powder: Crude protein 12.00 %, fat content 10.70 %, crude fibre 8.50 %, crude ash 49.90 %, moisture 4.30 %. Tablets: Crude protein 16,20 %, fat content 1,40 %, crude fibre 3,40 %, crude ash 27,30 %, moisture 4,30 %.